The Radarbook2 is a novel microwave radar evaluation platform for R&D laboratories. The Radarbook2 is an improved version of the Radarbook with a faster Ethernet connection and a powerful Arria 10 processing unit. This platform enables the execution of custom applications directly on the dual-core ARM processor.

Modular RF-Frontend

  • 77-GHz FMCW Frontends 
  • 77-GHz Antenna Design Kit with 8 TX and 16 RX Antennas and WR-12 Waveguide Transitions
  • High Performance 77-GHz Frontends with integrated Horn Antennas (4 TX and 16 RX Antennas)
  • 24-GHz FMCW Frontends
  • 10-GHz FMCW Frontends

FPGA Signalprocessing

  • Raw data sampling (16 channels with 40 MSP)
  • DDR3 memory bandwidth > 12 GBit/s
  • 1 GByte onboard memory for signal processing
  • Calculation of range profiles
  • Calculation of range-Doppler Maps for up to 16 channels (2048 x 512)
  • Calculation of point clouds

Soft- and Hardware

  • Arria 10 System-On-Chip
  • GBit Ethernet connection (up to 550 MBit/s)
  • Dual-core ARM with Linux Operating System (Debian, Ubuntu 20.4)
  • Python3 and C++ applications executed on the system (no compiler required)
  • ROS interface 


Fast-Chirp FMCW System with Output of Point Cloud

  • Calculate range-Doppler maps with FPGA (max size 2048 x 512 for 16 channels)
  • Extract point cloud to reduce data rate
  • Example: 24-GHz system with 8 channels
    • 256 Chirp with a duration of 102.4 µs and a chirp repetition interval of 125 µs
    • 32 ms measurement duration
    • Calculate 2048 point range FFT and 512 point velcotiy FFT in less than 30 ms
    • Range-Doppler measurements can be conducted continuously
  • Add custom tracking algorithms
  • Add advanced DoA algorithms
  • Input point clouds into neuronal networks (data rates ∼ 10 MBit/s)

Visualization of Point Cloud

  • Calculate range-Doppler maps for up to 16 channels
  • Visualize point cloud with Matlab or Python in real-time
  • Implement advanced DoA algorithms
  • Input point cloud to neural networks

Record IF Data, Range Profiles or Point Clouds with RadServe

  • Record data to HDF5 file
  • Synchronize multiple video streams
  • Trigger measurements from GPS timestamp and record GPS messages

Operate Radar System from Graphical User Interface

  • Simple configuration
  • Display raw IF signals, range profiles, range-Doppler maps, reflectivity maps
  • Demonstrate radar principles with a few clicks

FMCW Radar System Operated from Python or Matlab

  • Simple configuration of timing and FMCW waveform
  • Implement your own signal processing
  • Access raw data or range-profiles