The radarlog is a novel microwave radar data capturing environment for R&D laboratories, educational institutions, especially for complex data analysis and algorithm design. With the radarlog up to 16 analog receive channels can be sampled at 65 MSPS per channel, processed streamed, and stored via a USB 3.0 interface with a data rate up to 1.6 GBit/s. In addition, the radarlog can be operated with a USB-server which enables to stream data to a HDF5 compatible file and simultaneously visualize the sampled or processed data.

The radarlog is compatible with numerous frontends. Full software support of 24 and 77-GHz radar ICs from various chip vendors with a fully configurable processing chain in Python and Matlab.

FPGA Signalprocessing

  • Raw data access with configurable data compression
  • Range-Doppler processing with target detection
  • Synthetic aperture signal processing

Hardware Features

  • 16 analog channels with two AFE5801, 12-Bit, 65 MSPS ADCs
  • 1.5 GByte DDR3 memory with two hard memory controllers for maximum data rates
  • Clock synchronization to external reference clocks
  • USB 3.0 interface for data access with USB 3.1 mechanical connector
  • Small form factor 120 x 120 mm


The RadarLog supports RF-frontends at 24 and 77-GHz. In the follwoing section the datasheets of different RF-frontends are listed. On request customer secific frontends with different antenna configurations can be designed by Inras for the RadarLog platform.


Range-Doppler Processing 77-GHz (Traffic)